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April 18 2010

April 10 2010

Intel Intelligent Home Energy Management 

April 01 2010

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Russound Demo - OpenRemote Marcus Redeker

March 08 2010

March 04 2010

IR-Control via iPhone
Tags: iphone

December 08 2009

December 05 2009

November 29 2009

DIY capacitive pressure sensor tile using atmega8
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November 17 2009

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Arduino based RFID door lock

November 15 2009

November 13 2009

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HomeLogic Touchscreen interface

November 12 2009

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Knock detecting lock - Hack a Day

November 11 2009

wireless touchscreen photoframe with already built in social apps like twitter n such - might make a great smarthome terminal

November 09 2009

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YouTube - AMI iphone Integrated
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YouTube - Control4 Home Automation - XBMC media center interface
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Indigo 4.0 Home Automation Software for Mac OS X Released (Now with iPhone Support) | eHomeUpgrade

November 08 2009

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DIY eeePC Embedded PC 
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